-------------------------- Master Development Plan -------------------------

There will be 2 residential subdivisions with a total land area of 37 hectares, a low to medium density residential development, offers lots with sizes ranging from 240 sqm to 320 sqm.

The other one is MONTEMARIA HEIGHTS, a high-end hillside residential village, which offers an average lot size of 300 sqm to 400 sqm. These two subdivision projects will be developed in joint venture with Solar Resources, Inc. and Uniland Corporation, respectively.A marina, amphitheater, club house, sports and recreation facilities, health and wellness center, and other amenities will likewise be built on a 5-hectare portion of the property to be known as the Verde Island Passage Marine Sanctuary.

Lot and unit owners will be given priority in applying for membership in this non-profit organization to enjoy the exclusive privilege of using the facilities and amenities of the club.Part of the self-sustaining community development is a 35-hectare commercial business district; a 17-hectare hotel, resort and tourism district; and an institutional zone with an aggregate area of 5 hectares devoted entirely for religious and spiritual activities.

Batangas’ strategic location makes it a natural gateway to the rest of the Philippines as well as the Asia Pacific Region. These factors enhance Batangas’ potential in industrial, residential and tourism development and extend business opportunities for those looking at Batangas as their prospective base of operations.The project aims to create more than just a large tourism estate - the goal is to realize a unique business environment comprising a package of complementary attractions which, taken together, will secure a strong market niche for the development as a whole.

There are a number of reasons for incorporating a significant residential component into the land development program, with integrated leisure facilities:

01 The attraction of executive and professional staff to an enterprise location is a significant factor influencing locator decisions. While there are other residential opportunities within the sub-region, the attractiveness of the industrial product will be boosted if a suitable residential environment can be provided as a defined project component.

02 With the STAR in place, the project area is within commuting distance to Metro Manila thus strengthening its position in the residential real estate market.

03 The environment provides potential for the project area as a second home/short break destination.