Punta Santa Cruz

“Punta Santa Cruz” is located at the tip of the plateau where the existing devotional cross now stands. With a breathtaking 360 degree-view of the waters and land formations surrounding the Point, it has become the favorite spot for large religious assemblies and public gatherings since the first Holy Mass was concelebrated here on 7 January 2007.


Cenacle Event Center

The Cenacle EVENT CENTER is owned and operated by Montemaria Asia Pilgrims, Inc. It is the first stop at MONTEMARIA.  It is a welcome house where visitors and investors can obtain information, travelers can find refreshment, and pilgrims can begin their spiritual quest.  It is also a venue for seminars, conferences and retreats.


Gate of the Archangels

The three Archangels, Saints Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, are the only angels named in the Sacred Scripture and all three have important roles in the history of salvation. They are venerated in the Roman Catholic Church with a feast on September 29.

Life-size statues of the Archangels guard the entrance to the Monument for Peace Complex at Montemaria.


Santo Niño Chapel

The 2,000 sq. m. land on which the Santo Niño Chapel now stand is part of the 5-hectare property that was donated to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Lipa.

The Santo Niño Chapel’s altar is a replica of the altar in the Chapel of the Holy Infant Jesus in Prague, Czechoslovakia.